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Pop Up3 Modular Toilet

POP UP3 Modular Vacuum Toilet System

Ideal for all kinds of events and festivals, big and small. Reduces water consumption, wastewater production and transport costs. Quick and easy to set up, connect and clean.

ReBoost Modular Shower

Modular Shower System

Water-saving shower head with timer for a wide range of purposes.

T-Cube VIP Toilet

VIP Toilet, Vanity, & Urinal

Contemporary color and modern finish. Developed for the Luxury Segment.

6-Pack Skid Vac-Flush

6 Toilet & Sink Premium Modular Vacuum System

All the benefits of a vacuum system, built with the materials to last years and provide an elevated experience with individual sinks and toilets.


Vac-Toilet Ship & Slide Skid 8

Robust, like the Vac-Toilet Skid 6, & in a small form factor.

Hands-Free Wash Station

Hand wash stations that do the job! Built to last, the Sink Skid 8 integrates with any of our other freshwater products.


Urinal Skid 3 Modular Vacuum Urinal System

Provides an elevated sanitary solution for efficient urinals that seamlessly integrates into a vacuum flush system including our Vac-Toilet Skid 6 and Sink Skid 8 Units.

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Refresh UREO

The Most Practical Solutions for Every Event.

Modular sanitair system 8-bay products.

Flexx Rooms

Create Your Own Exclusive Look with this Modular System.

A dynamic combination of materials and techniques with a focus on details. Very flexible and fully brandable.

Pod™ Petite System

Simple to operate and easily accessible – Pod™ Petite Manual is a hygienic, user-friendly sanitary disposal option. 

Tailor Made Products

If the Product you Need Doesn't Exist, We'll Develop It For You!

Innovative developments are always at the forefront of our attention.