Third Rock Sanitation Solutions

Third Rock Sanitation Solutions is a part of a strategic international partnership developing innovative sanitation technologies, service strategies, and end-user experiences.

Sani-Mate Restroom Pods

We design custom restroom pods engineered to bring an elevated experience anywhere.

The Pluto Plus Urinal

Ready for any portable sanitary need, our freestanding urinal is industry leading in its design. Urinals are Man’s Best friend.

Flexx Rooms

Create Your Own Exclusive Look with this Modular System

A dynamic combination of materials and techniques with a focus on details. Very flexible and fully brandable.


Women Led Sanitary Solutions

Simple to operate and easily accessible – Pod™ Petite Manual is a hygienic, user-friendly sanitary disposal option. 

Tailor Made Products

We Custom Develop & Design Sanitation Solutions

Innovative developments are always at the forefront of our attention. We create custom products for your needs.

This Is What Makes TRSS So Different!

We are a top company with strong innovation credentials

We invest in the development of new products

Our experienced team of specialists is here to help you

No challenge is too big for us. Give us a try and find out for yourself.

New Product Development

New Product Development Is In Our DNA!

It is important to us to continually be aware of the changing requirements and product needs that our clients and the end-users of our products have. To be in a position to meet these requirements, innovative developments are always at the forefront of our attention. Armed with our experience and in-depth knowledge of various markets, we are positive about the future. We are confident that we will be able to continue to provide our clients with the best service possible in the long term.

On/Off Switch

Production Starts When Everything is 101% Right!

Although we strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied, we place equal importance on the satisfaction of the end-users of our products: visitors who use a home-feel toilet, wash their hands, or take a refreshing shower. We are critical of ourselves and open to suggestions about how to optimize our products and services to find the best solution for you.

Questions? Just Let Us Know!